Study Visa

Student Visa is one of the most sought after and popular form of visa category amongst the youth. The qualified and the ones pursuing their education opt for this visa category as the permit is easy to attain though for a limited duration.

Another advantage of attaining this visa is that one can also attain an extension for a stay in the country. Almost all countries grant foreign nationals and students a period of one year and above to work in the country and contribute towards the economy of the country. After the successful completion of the government might also grant permission to the student to further apply for permanent residency.

Countries are coming closer by the entry of youth from different parts of the world. Education is being imparted to all alike regardless of the caste, creed, and nationality. Student migration is the movement of scholars to different parts of the world for acquiring knowledge on various institutions and universities for a period of 12 months or more. It is entirely up to the student to pick the country and course of their choice. Global education has risen as of recent years to an extent wherein scholars from developing nations are now becoming part of history and development of developed economies. Certain credited and highly qualified students are also granted scholarships from institutes to study in their universities.

Encouraging Student Migration

International students are a source of great boost to the country economically, culturally, and financially. They also add up to the skilled workforce of the country. This boost has encouraged the government officials to invite international students in significant numbers. This process also strengthens the relations between two countries. Global Sydney Group ,as an organization, highly encourages education and promotes exchange of students amongst nations.

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