Case Development

After conducting an in-depth profile assessment as well as identification of the fastest and the best suited pathway for you to attain Study Permit / PR, we understand your holistic profile and consult with you on building your immigration case. Since you are required to present documents illustrating your qualifications and professional competency, financial and social reliability, proof of your family ties – we provide our undivided attention and support to you to assist you through the entire process. Your client-relationship manager will remain in regular touch with clients to ensure their case is built after assessing the strengths and weakness of your profile.

It is our prime duty to ensure that your virtues are highlighted in the best manner possible before the visa officer. We have the right to deny taking any case onboard, which is not eligible, has been contorted, has defied any national or international laws and/or has been denied an approval in the past. We believe in investing our energy only on cases that seek our genuine assistance and that qualify for attaining a PR Status. We request all our clients to share their case details with us in the most truthful manner possible so that we are in a better position to assist them attain their life goals .