Post Visa Services

Most people believe that the toughest part of the visa processing is until the approval is attained. However, in our experience, the most crucial part follows after the approval. Once you are aware that you shall be moving to a new country with your family and not knowing how and where to begin preparing for this shift in your life. We understand that relocation can be taxing to you and your family, including your children on several levels – you may prepare yourself for your financially and physical security, but for a smooth transition, you must be prepared holistically.

Once the approval is received, we assist you in giving a Post Visa guideline which enables you and your spouse to anticipate the opportunities and challenges and adept to the new culture accordingly. You shall be briefed and shall receive resources for accessing jobs, long term and short term housing options, single accommodation assistance, information on educational institutions and settlement plan. After you receive your visas to immigrate you will receive a toll-free number you will be able to call any-time to reach out to us.