IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

IELTS Coaching In Chandigarh

Best IELTS coaching to expand english skills for studying abroad

International English Learning Testing System (IELTS) is a prevalent English proficiency test. It is an essential element required for landing in your dreamland overseas. Whether you want to settle abroad permanently or enrol as an international student, it is compulsory. Global Sydney Group is featured as the best place for IELTS coaching in Chandigarh among students. While keeping our journey of establishing success milestones, we are helping students to attain desired scores. So, are you ready to set yourself apart with high scores in IELTS? If yes, it’s your turn to begin with the best coaching to transform your life.

An overview of IELTS for beginners

IELTS is a standardised test which measures the English proficiency of aspirants. It comprises 4 modules: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, respectively. So, to crack this exam, you need to excel in all these modules. The test scores are analysed on a scale of 0 to 9 bands. Depending on your abilities, you can score the bands to prepare your file for immigration submissions. In addition to this, Ielts is considered an initial step towards successful immigration to nations like Canada, the UK, and Australia. However, for most non-native speakers, English seems like a challenging language. But, with exhaustive IELTS preparation in Chandigarh, one can seamlessly score required bands. Global Sydney Group takes the initiative to help you unlock the secret of success in IELTS.

Grasp the cardinal goal of 7 bands in IELTS.

Mostly, 7 bands in IELTS is a basic requirement by international universities and colleges. So, achieving such a band score is paramount to conquering your dream of studying and settling abroad. Canada, Australia, and the UK offer enrolment to Indian students in advanced study programs. So, they expect students to reach this benchmark in English proficiency. Therefore, we at Global Sydney Group bring expertly crafted IELTS coaching classes in Chandigarh for our students. Our vision is to entail the right guidance which helps aspirants to escalate their learning skills. Thus, we let you explore the standardised band scoring level of 7 in IELTS to get a competitive edge.

Get IELTS training for Academic and General testing.

IELTS has two distinctions such as academic and general. Academic is for students who want to land abroad for higher studies. General training is for those who want to settle abroad with direct permanent residence (PR) from India. Global Sydney Group makes diligent action to train students for both distinctions. We don’t let our students ponder about choosing the right IELTS exam preparation in Chandigarh. They can consult us and enrol for the required training from our experts. Take a look at the perks you can have by choosing us for IELTS preparations.

Preparation with planning

Everything which you want to fall into place in life requires planning. Henceforth, cracking the competitive test like Ielts needs a proper line of action. So, at Global Sydney Group, we test your English skills using a band score predictor. It helps us to appraise you on the basis of scores to make further coaching strategies. Thus, you don’t have to befuddle about which module you need to focus more. Consequently, planned learning always works to bring positive outcomes.

Prepare on time

In case you don’t have much time for IELTS preparation, you can get a customized study plan. We understand the unique requirements of our students to provide them with quick and efficient training. Global Sydney Group has adequate and reliable sources to make IELTS exam coaching in Chandigarh flawless and worthy. You can join us for one-on-one classes or can even enrol for specialized training to get paced learning.

Comprehensive study course

For every module of Ielts, we boast fresh and expert-trusted study content. We have the latest recordings for listening sections for daily practice in the classroom. Our IELTS trainers find exclusive writing topics for tasks 1 and 2 for absolute practice. Likewise, our reading booklets and texts have recently appeared in comprehension for training. Therefore, you can seek the best coaching for IELTS from Global Sydney Group, which gives you an edge. In addition to this, you will have separate speaking sessions which refine your accent and speed to crack this module.

Effective tips for reading/listening

Ielts training in Chandigarh by Global Sydney Group helps you to get perfection in listening and reading modules. These two are critical modules which make most students anxious. But excelling in both can help you to attain 9 out of 9 band scores. So, we engage students in brain training to boost their focus on listening to the recordings. Also, in reading, skimming the passage carefully to give correct answers is necessary. However, it is one of the time-consuming modules of IELTS. So, we let you know about secret wizards to fetch full band scores in reading.

Profound attention to writing/speaking mistakes

There is no room in the IELTS exam since it can keep you away from your goal. In most cases, students make huge mistakes in vocabulary whilst attempting writing task 2. So, our qualified and experienced trainers help you to evade such mistakes. Similarly, we help students with short tricks to analyze graphs and pie charts in writing task 1. Correspondingly, in speaking, mistakes are common whilst communicating. So, we keep separate sessions for speaking to help students how to score. We train them exclusively with critical thinking to crack the cue-card section of speaking. Our trainers engage students with practice on various cue cards, which have maximum potency to come in IELTS exams.

Regular evaluation of bands

We do regular evaluations of your English proficiency with mock tests during IELTS coaching in Chandigarh. These are the tests we have designed with the perspective of preparing you for the real IELTS exam. Thus, by assessing your test, we let you know where you are lagging behind. However, it gives clarity on areas you need to work on for better scoring. So, we don’t just take your weaknesses as pessimism. But, influence the actions to transform your weak points into your strengths to crack the test.

Join us to step into the chariot of success in IELTS!

Global Sydney Group is a team of highly qualified and experienced educational consultants. We not only help you with cohesive IELTS preparation in Chandigarh. But also assist further in preparing your solid file for overseas visa retention. Thus, by joining us, you can get a double-sided advantage to reach your goal.