Immigration Assessment

Identifying the right pathway of applying to permanent residency can be a daunting process if you are unaware of the eligibility prerequisite, requirements and/or processes of that particular program.

Our team of professionals is trained to assess your profile and identify the most suitable program for you to attain your student Permit & Permanent Residency. On the basis of this insightful assessment, we are able to either take your case on board and provide you with useful guidance, or regrettably inform you of your ineligibility and advise you not to proceed further. In case you are eligible, but your profile needs more strengthening in order to compete against the other applicants,
We shall ensure we illustrate effective steps for you to improve upon your profile before applying for a PR. Our advice shall be drawn based on years of learning immigration and qualification patterns. We shall only advice you on the parameters that you are capable of improving.

The best way to proceed further with your student permit / PR visa application is to start with a consultant that provides transparent eligibility assessment. Our process is streamlined by many layers of checks from various in-house immigration service departments that work towards making sure the immigration program you apply for justifies your profile correctly in the best possible scenario.